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Magic Touch Home Services Inc.

As a renowned service provider of chimney and dryer vent maintenance, Magic Touch has gained enough popularity in Toronto. Our sole aim is to deliver high quality service to properly maintain your equipment. Lately, we have introduced a new product line, which includes exclusive kitchen chimney and dryer venting systems. Call us today to fix an appointment with the experts.


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Answers from contractors near Markham, ON

I just got leaf filter gutter guards, steel mesh, 2 months ago. Now that it's fall there are leaves piled up on top, stuck with rain, etc. What to do?

Tim Brown Jr. of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

Oct 25, 2016
I know many of the people responding here and they are all great companies.  One thing I would add is that wire mesh covers are terrible. They actaully can cause damage to roofs. If they get any ice w ... read more
Is there anything I can do from inside my attic to battle ice dams? I'll worry about preventing them next, for now I have them and want to speed up their melt.

Tim Brown Jr. of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

Jul 10, 2014
The best way to fix and resolve ice dams is actualy proper isulation in the attic space. Next is proper ventilation. Both intake and exhaust. These are critcal but rarely done correct and very costly ... read more

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