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L A Builders

I am L.A. Johnston, and I have built close to 50 houses in this area. You can see many of these completed houses on my website. I build every house as if it were my own, but with your taste for color and style in mind. I've been in business over ten years now and I can still call every one of my customers for outstanding referrals.

My phone is always on and my wife will tell you that I am always at work for my customers needs. Let me be your builder or remodelor and I'm sure you will become another of my happy customers.


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Answers from contractors near Pensacola, FL

Is a contractor responsible for returning things to their rightful state even if its out of the scope of their contract?
Aug 10, 2015
I suggest you get the security company who monitors the system to repair it. They can tell you whether the electricians caused the damage. If so, send the bill to the electricians. In general, they sh ... read more
Best gutter guard?
Jun 4, 2014
Consumer Reports Sept 2010 rated Gutterglove Pro the best overall. It does indeed stop everything from getting into the gutter. Gutterglove recommends using an inverse mounted brush on an extension po ... read more

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