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Kammes Colorworks, Inc.

Kammes Colorworks Inc. is your local Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Interior Painting Company. They have been serving the Fox Valley area since 2006 as a company and owner operator, Lenny Kammes, has been in the field since 1995. Accompanied by his wife, Melissa Kammes, Lenny has had the privilege of building his company "Kammes Colorworks" from the ground up. The two of them decided on using their last name as part of the company name to display the pride of ownership and commitment to their services that they would not fall away from. Kammes Colorworks, inc. is a small family business whose purpose is to deliver what all of the large corporations (and most small ones) cannot. Their goal is to be the best in their field and they have earned a reputation that backs up this claim. The Kammes Colorworks team strives to exceed the standards of every client and leave no client with the embarrassing task of pointing out poor workmanship. They want your experience to be pleasant from start to finish and leave you with an outstanding final product that you can enjoy for years to come.

Answers from contractors near Elburn, IL

Is a contractor responsible for returning things to their rightful state even if its out of the scope of their contract?

Marty Brummel of M.K. Brummel PRO answered:

Aug 28, 2015
What wiring did they exactly "mess up"? Was it the circuit to power the equipment or the low voltage lines? Either way, they should have used care to keep things where they belonged. If it was going t ... read more
Do tankless water heaters require any maintenance?
Mar 19, 2015
There is minimal maintenance to keep the water heater running good as new. Here is a quick link to some helpful steps

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