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KG Roofing & Construction Inc

As one of the "leading Roofing Companies" on Lockport, IL our reputation rides on every roof we touch.

We have only one acceptable standard for quality of materials, workmanship and customer service...they must be the very best possible!

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What is the best way to get latex paint out of carpet?
Jan 15, 2015
Here is the very short answer, but has been effective over the past decade and a half. Start with Warm Soapy Water (Should probably get the majority depending on the density of the spill) and if that ... read more
Among your "difficult customers" what are the things they do that makes them "difficult"?
Jul 20, 2014
Most people have different perceptions and expectations and ways of doing things.  It is great when customers research the project they would like to have completed so they can form clear expectations ... read more

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