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KG Roofing & Construction Inc

As one of the "leading Roofing Companies" on Lockport, IL our reputation rides on every roof we touch.

We have only one acceptable standard for quality of materials, workmanship and customer service...they must be the very best possible!

Answers from contractors near lockport, IL

We are looking for some painters who did excellent work for us in the past but do not seem to be with their previous employer.
Jun 1, 2016
CertaPro Painters- it’s a nationwide franchise. See their trucks all over. Never used them, but heard only good things so far. Good luck! … and let us know ;)
How can I stay on good terms with our neighbors during a big construction project?
Jul 20, 2014
Go visit the neighbors or take them to breakfast or dinner.  Or, send them a letter.  Bring a note pad and take any notes regarding their concerns.  Explain that you take pride in your home and will b ... read more

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