Finecraft Contractors, Inc. (Prospects)

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Finecraft Contractors, Inc. (Prospects)

We have years of experience - 32 to be exact - and we have years under our belt in working with architects, suppliers and other industry partners. Our team is able to “speak their language” and ensure all your questions are answered along the way. Our goal is to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your project and help you create a gorgeous home. Founder and President, George Papaheraklis, is involved with every project from start to finish. With every project he works on he brings over 40 years of hands-on experience, an Architectural degree, a refined aesthetic sense and a genuine care for his clients. He excels at taking two-dimensional plans and creating three-dimensional marvels that delight clients. More


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Niko Papaheraklis

  • GuildQuality
  • 2004 CotY Awards
  • 2017 CotY Award
  • 5-star Houzzer
  • AIA Virgina

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As a GuildQuality Guildmember, Finecraft Contractors, Inc. (Prospects) relies on our customer surveying to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience.

In this report, Finecraft Contractors, Inc. (Prospects) has published a summary of the customer feedback they've received since they joined GuildQuality in April 2017.

Finecraft Contractors, Inc. (Prospects) surveys all of their customers shortly after the completion of work, and their feedback appears in the summary on this page.

If you are a Finecraft Contractors, Inc. (Prospects) customer, and if Finecraft Contractors, Inc. (Prospects) completed work for you after April of 2017 but you haven't yet received a survey, please let us know.

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