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DGS Contractors

DGS Contractors is a Home Improvement Contractor in Atlanta with over 10 years experience! We are a BBB certified contractor and we specialize in the following services:

Atlanta Roofing Contractor Atlanta Siding Contractor Deck Builder in Atlanta Atlanta Painting Contactor Windows and Door Replacement

  • Better Business Bureau

Answers from contractors near Marietta, GA

I just had a new home built and they did not put on gutters and they did not tell me in advance. Is this unusual because many people have been shocked by it!
Jul 11, 2017
From time to time, we get called to evaluate problems with homes, To answer your direct question, "No it's not as unusual as you must think." There are reasons as Christen and Paula have mentioned abo ... read more
What are the phases of a kitchen remodel and in what order? How does the pricing of material and labor get explained in an estimate?
Jul 15, 2016
The above are two good, and siilar in approach answers, but there are two issues it seems no one includes: 1) If you house was built before 1978 it must be inspected by a certified contractor or lead ... read more

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