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Copperleaf Homes

Copperleaf Homes is dedicated to delivering the best, most satisfying home building experience possible. We continually strive to perfect our process of building custom homes efficiently— from our lowest to highest price points, from the $600s to the millions.

At the core of this process is a commitment to the highest level of quality.

Need to find the right lot on which to build? We can help you find it. Need to sell an existing home? We work with many of the best real estate agents in the marketplace. Would you like assistance with financing? We’ll send you to one of our preferred lenders. Desire to meet with an architect to design a custom home tailored to your specific needs? Not a problem. We have award-winning architectural options to perfectly suit your style. Simply put, we partner with you in anticipating your every need and helping you express your every desire.

In summary, as the area’s largest custom homebuilder, we have a longstanding track record of excellence, customer satisfaction and success. We are passionate about enhancing our clients’ lives, fulfilling their aspirations and, most importantly, continually producing the unwavering trust for which we are known. This trust is conveyed by one of our banking partners: “In all of the years we’ve worked providing financing for clients of Copperleaf Homes, not once have we witnessed cost over-runs. So when it came time for my family to build, the choice was easy…we decided to build with the builder we could most trust—Copperleaf Homes!”

Our Philosophy...Why pay a deposit or sign an agreement until you know exactly what you're getting from a builder? Either we get what's in your head and heart down on paper and priced more competitively than other builders or we haven't earned your business. It's that simple. All we ask is the opportunity to demonstrate the basis of our success at our expense.


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Answers from contractors near Colorado Springs, CO

What is the best way to insulate the ceiling on my glassed-in porch?

Brent Roper of Ropa Roofing PRO answered:

Apr 25, 2017
Blow in, but will have to hide it with a new ceiling I believe...
Best way to caulk the seam between our backsplash and kitchen counter?
Jan 28, 2016
The trick with caulking is to spray the wet caulking with Windex and then tool it with your finger.  For "rookies" you may want to use masking tape.  Here is a YouTube video that might help, too. http ... read more

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