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Castles and Cabins, Inc.

Castles & Cabins Inc is owned and operated by Dan & Mae Anderson., a husband and wife team, Dan is a seasoned 40 year veteran of the building business. His building experiences began with working as a teen with his grandfather's custom home business and driving heavy equipment at the building sites. He launched into lumberyard experience as a sales and yardman working with his parents who owned a local lumberyard in Houghton Lake, MI in the 1970s. His building experiences as a young adult begin in the 1980s with Wickes Pole Barn under the mentoring of a favored uncle, building 25 pole barns a year. In the 1990s he increased his sales and lumber knowledge working at Wolohan Lumber leaving that in the late 90s to become project manger of over 50 homes a year for a large family owned custom home business. Mae also began her lumber knowledge right out of high school with working in a local lumberyard as receptionist and sales. Taking a 10 year leave to raise children, she again entered the building business in the early 90s while working as office manager for a local custom home business much like Castles & Cabins is today. In June of 2002 Dan & Mae joined efforts to launch Castles & Cabins bringing with them the best of all worlds in work ethics, sales, lumber knowledge, office management and customer service from previous jobs. They have a passion for business management that is equalled by their love of building custom homes to meet the dreams of their clients. To date they have build over 80 homes as Castles & Cabins and love life in doing so!

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