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Cabinet Clad Kitchens

We started Cabinet Clad Kitchens in 1975 to give homeowners like you a better, more affordable alternative to traditional kitchen remodeling. By using the cabinet refacing process as the basis for our kitchen remodeling projects, we are able to cut the time, cost, and inconvenience of these projects down dramatically—while producing exceptional, "brand new kitchen" results. The kind of results that have turned thousands of Missouri and Kansas homeowners into satisfied customers. What’s more, with Cabinet Clad Kitchens you can add a wide range of extras to your cabinet refacing job. Pick new countertops, sinks and plumbing, lighting, tile backsplashes, a new pantry— whatever will make your vision reality. Throughout the remodeling process, Cabinet Clad Kitchens takes pride in giving customers like you peace of mind. Our proven, systematic approach to remodeling blends the creativity of imagination, the art of design, and the skill of experienced craftspeople with our meticulous attention to detail. From start to finish, we’ll help you feel like you’ve made the best use of your space, the right decisions about style and design, and the best choices when selecting materials. Integrity, quality, courtesy, and professionalism are the hallmarks of working with Cabinet Clad Kitchens, and your complete satisfaction is guarantee

Answers from contractors near Blue Springs, MO

I have cracks in my basement concrete. What type of expert can tell me if the problem is serious? How do I find someone who can give me an unbiased appraisal?
Nov 19, 2015
All concrete has cracks. The difference is if it leaking or getting worse. Call the local wterproofing or mudd jacking contractor for a site visit.
Should I be worried that external doors in my home are shifting to a point that I can't lock them without lifting them up?
While sometimes this is a door installation issue, It is often from seasonal temporary weather changes affecting your homes foundation, or other settling issues. Dry spells and winter freezing cause t ... read more

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