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Bleu Stone Paving Ltd.

Bleu Stone Paving Ltd. is a company devoted to providing unwavering principles of quality, integrity, and value. Interlocking stone pavers are a unique product and system that excels in its ability to provide beautiful, functional, and extremely durable areas for foot and vehicle traffic. No product in use today can stand up or stand out like interlocking paving stones. With a myriad of shapes, colors, and designs, paving stones are a distinctly sound and lasting investment for many reasons. - Interlocking stone paving provides that admirable curb appeal at the front of the house and charm and elegance around the house that might otherwise be left dull and unattractive by its inferior rivals such as concrete and asphalt. - Areas finished in interlock have no failure rate, no unsightly cracking or flaking. It wears well and is easy to clean – Mother Nature takes care of that. - Permanence and endurance mean that paved areas never need re-paving. They are there for the duration of their lifetime guarantee. - Oil, gas, paint spills or other permanent stain or damage would incur substantial costs to fix with other resurfacing products. With interlock, just remove the stone and replace with a new one. It’s that simple – really.Bleu Stone manufacturers produce pavers colored with a variety of oxides which reduce fading and keep the surface looking new; and, they meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards of at least 8,000 psi. This is approximately 3-4 times stronger than concrete and approximately 10 times the strength of asphalt. Call us … schedule a complimentary design consultation and learn about the truly remarkable features that interlocking stone pavers have to offer.

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What are some inexpensive and non-permanent backsplash ideas for a kitchen in a rental apartment?
Complemenary paint with countertops scribed to the wall is a clean look.  If you use eggeshell paint, it is durable too.
What are the most cost effective things I can do to improve my home's energy efficiency?

Robert Shaw of Solare Energy PRO answered:

Apr 28, 2014
With current financing options that are available, the best return-on-investment is to go solar!  It may seem expensive to install a solar panel system, but with current financing options such as $0/d ... read more
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