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Andover Renovation Solutions, Inc.

About Andover Renovation

We Offer Design Build services

Our main focus is on design and build for home building design and restoration / remodeling. We are master builders who have architectural design services in house.

Home Remodeling Specialists

In an era when it is easier to throw something away than to repair or bring it up to date, we look at houses with an eye to restore rather than tear down. We bring you over 25 years experience in home design and architecture, to restore your home, make it suit your family’s current and future needs, and bring it back to its original luster.

How The Process Gets Started

A call to us will start the process with a site visit to your home. This feasibility meeting is offered to our clients at no charge. We will review with you at your property…your current house design and layout, any design ideas you may have and what your expansion or remodeling plans entail.

We will look at the house for structural, zoning, conservation, historical issues in order to accommodate your ideas, and offer some design ideas of our own as well as a game plan to be able to ultimately permit the project.

In addition we will ball park estimate the project cost to see if it is feasible financially.

We Do All The Design Work In-house

The next step involves measuring the home, confirming zoning, conservation, historical issues with the local town inspectional services department, and preparing drawings and detailed specifications. We provide this service at a reduced fee for clients interested in having us provide the construction service as well. We Help You Select All The Materials and Finishes That

Make Your House Shine

At our showroom in Woburn, our design professionals help you with all your selections — from cabinets, countertops, floor treatments, paint colors, siding colors and styles — virtually everything that makes the remodeling project a special home that meets your needs and style.

We have done projects that range from 200 year old colonials, 100 year old Victorians, to contemporary, cutting edge designs. We do the research to make sure what you’re adding fits in with the style of your house. Our goal is to make our design seamless with the original style of your house.

We Build The Project With Our Crews and Specialty Subcontractors

Once the design is complete, we arrange to do the construction from foundation to finish. Almost all the construction specialties are handled by us. That way there is only one phone call to remember during the construction process…ours.

We Stand Behind Our Work

We offer written warranties for our work. We are licensed and insured. We have the finest trades people working at your house that you can trust. We are committed to making the process an enjoyable experience so that you may refer our company to others. Over 90 percent of our future projects come from existing clients or their friends.

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