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Whittier Power Systems

Founded in 1960 by Luke Harrison, Sr., a former Chief Electrician's Mate in the U.S. Navy, Harrison Electric has been serving Southern California since March 31, 1960. Since that time, we have completed thousands of projects from the smallest residential service to large industrial plant power. Although Luke Sr. passed on in 1976, his legacy of honesty, compassion, and hard work lives on.

We have the capability today to do our own design work, load calculations and provide plans for permit purposes, including title 24 calculations. Since 1993, we have been incorporated under the name Whittier Power Systems, Inc., d.b.a. Harrison Electric. As a corporation, we still maintain the same degree of honesty and integrity that has been the hallmark of our company from the beginning.


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Answers from contractors near Whittier, CA

The roof and foundation of my house needs to be fixed. If I get the roof done first because it is leaking, will it be affected when the foundation is fixed?

Rochell Smith answered:

Jan 12, 2019
This is really a tough situation because you have twice workload at your side but you nither able to decide the starting of your work. But you have to consider that if you start the roofing first then ... read more
What kind of credits can I get for a solar installation?

Robert Shaw of Solare Energy PRO answered:

Apr 28, 2014
Currrently, you can receive a federal tax credit for 30% of system and installation costs. In California, the state rebate incentive has been exhausted and is no longer available. Typically, the price ... read more

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