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Transitions Kitchen & Bath

The home is an extension of the family. No one understands this better than transitions. Your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, office, family room, and even closets reflect you family’s needs, but just as importantly they should reflect your family’s personality. In transitions’ showroom, you’ll find an amazing array of the latest fashions and trends in the kitchen and bath industry. At transitions, you will get one-to-one consultation in our showroom or at your home. You can bring us your measurements or we will measure your space so that we can create an initial design for you…to suit your needs and personality. transitions is focused on providing the expertise to fulfill your project’s needs from concept to completion. It’s this kind of customer service that sets transitions apart.

Answers from contractors near Norwell, MA

I have a brand new house almost 2 months old and the water from the refrigerators isn't working. Frist it was, and now it isn't. What should I do?
Dec 21, 2015
If your on well water it most likely is sediment from the well and you'll need to change the filter and fluseh the line.
Last edited Dec 21, 2015 12:13pm
What should I know about installing a Rumford fireplace?
Jun 13, 2014
I have Rumford fireplaces in my antique house. When we had an addition built in 1998 we added another one. My advice would be to fine an experienced mason who has built these before and check with t ... read more

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