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TLP Electric Integrations

Infinity Solar and Electric has been serving Southern California communities since 1999, providing the highest quality of solar and electrical service and efficiency to our residential and commercial clients. Infinity Solar is proud to support American Homeowners growing need to integrate cost beneficial solar solutions made by American manufacturing workers. Infinity Solar’s Industry leading manufacturing partner, with 35 years of award winning high efficiency solar systems, are privileged to provide an opportunity for every Southern California homeowner access to their custom designed solar solutions.

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Do you have any information you can send me delineating home improvements that will add appraisal value to my home, and possibly quantify those values?

Camilo Uribe answered:

Mar 22, 2018
You might want to look into AB2299 for the state of California. Add additional living area and raise the value 160k-400K to all R1 Properties. We build these for a living and are seeing a 2% return ra ... read more
Anyone know about good windows that reflect heat and energy efficent on electric bills? Did check on NT but think they may be cheap windows need a Pro ?
Feb 27, 2018
Like Jim said before, a proper attic insulation will help with lowering your electric bill as well as heat reflective roof shingles and exterior paint, ex. tex-cote. For windows we use Anlin, 100% ame ... read more

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