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Rufty Homes, Inc

Throughout the Triangle, one can hear the sounds of building. Some builders are good at what they do. A few are very good.

Others are not as good as they should be. A precious few are great.

Usually the few who achieve greatness are the ones who never, ever stop learning and reaching for it. Every day they seek better methods, embrace difficult challenges, strive for true excellence in what they do. They build and remodel homes but they approach building differently. More as an artist approaches a canvas, clay or Carrara marble.

How can you recognize the inspired artist among the worthy craftsman? He, or she, is the builder with the most profound portfolio. It is that builder who has created fine works for others. Each home, a signature work. Each home, a lasting legacy. Each homeowner, a discriminating buyer.

Jon Rufty and his team are such artists. The evidence is in their lives work, their art. To every endeavor Jon and his experienced team brings a rare gift for truly listening, a fundamental core of honesty and integrity, and a mind that is both creative and analytical. These unique, personal virtues combined with time-tested talents of his carefully chosen, thoughtfully developed team, have inspired Jon to greatness. And having known greatness the employees at Rufty Homes accept no less.

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