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Quality Built

Quality Built, LLC was founded in 1994 on extensive litigation experience and a long history of conducting inspections for the construction industry. Our experience includes an impressive and varied list of commercial and residential projects as well as a background of more than 2,000 litigation cases that have encompassed investigations of hundreds of diverse building performance and project failures. The lessons learned from analyzing and repairing these projects have formed the basis of the Quality Built’s knowledge database – which is used to evaluate builder quality and minimize construction defects.

It is difficult to convey our knowledge and experience on a web site. Simply put, we have more data on construction than any other company in the world. Fifteen years ago, when insurance carriers refused to insure construction in California, Quality Built went to all the major financial centers in the United States as well as those in London, Dublin and the Bahamas. We met with insurance carriers and provided them with data to demonstrate that construction was not the blind risk they thought it was -provided that construction companies implement proper quality control and inspection systems to assure the quality of construction. We rolled out our risk management program that has since become the standard for underwriting construction for over 30 insurance carriers. In fact, Quality Built created all of the compliance metrics that are used today by most insurance carriers.

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When it comes to pool renovations, what improvements would you choose?

Maria Sheely answered:

Sep 28, 2018
A concrete pool can be a better option as it reflects back the stylish arrangement of the pool. It seems to be really trendy which most of the people are preferring to build in their new home. Moreove ... read more
Do you have any information you can send me delineating home improvements that will add appraisal value to my home, and possibly quantify those values?

Maria Sheely answered:

Sep 28, 2018
Adding the stylish furniture in home can be very effective in increasing the home vlaue. 

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