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Living Spaces Custom Design

Owner and head designer, Pamela S. McKiernan, has been transforming and creating interiors through kitchen & bath remodeling for existing homes and new construction for the past 20 years. Her expertise is invaluable for creating the home of your dreams while working within your budget.

Pam has a degree in interior design and her portfolio includes nationally recognized, award winning designs. The finest homebuilders in the Greater Cincinnati area are always happy to work with her and continue to verify her excellent reputation in the industry. Contact Pam today to discuss your dreams of a perfect home.

Living Spaces Design specializes in cabinetry for kitchens (indoor & outdoor), baths, basements, bars and entertainment centers.

Answers from contractors near Batavia, OH

Can someone provide tips on how to repair sagging gutters?
Feb 14, 2017
Hello John, I agree with Ryan's answer.  I would add that you can also pull the gutter spikes and replace them with gutter screws available at any of the big box stores.  They typically come with the ... read more
When it comes to major home renovations, what improvements/fixes produce the best ROI?
Nov 18, 2016
Phillip and Clifton have it right on.  That's our reference as well.  Digging one level deeper, the biggest bang for your buck generally comes from direct replacement projects.  Meaning, if you need t ... read more
Last edited Nov 18, 2016 10:48am

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