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Hytech Electric Inc

For over 30 years we have had the privilege of providing honest and dependable electrical service to many, many people, their families, and their businesses here in Southern Oregon.

We get this opportunity because we are a FULL service electrical contracting firm. Our full service includes, design/installation/and maintenance of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial electrical systems. We possess the resources and have developed the partnerships necessary to accomplish any electrical task, no matter how challenging. No project is too big or too small. Whether your project is new construction, renovation, or maintenance you can and should count on Hy-Tech Electric Inc. to deliver superior and reliable excellence.

Its been said that much of our best work is never seen. This is so true. Much of what we do gets covered by drywall, behind panel doors, above ceiling tile, or underground, but the results are visible and all over our valley, and state. Our past new construction projects here in the valley include community centers, county libraries, restaurants, several strip malls, medical facilities, transportation depots, repair garages, banks, dentist offices, fire stations, 911 Call Center, hotels, machine shops, office buildings, convenience stores, – and I should mention many hundreds of new homes.

Because of our reliability, we’ve been counted on for installs of stand-by generators or UPS systems for projects for the City of Medford Emergency Call Center, Pacific Power Dispatch and Operations centers, US Cellular, Sprint, and AT&T hub sites - facilities where a system failure just cannot happen. Another reason why you can have confidence in calling us first for you business or home’s stand-by power needs.

Hy-Tech Electric Inc. values your business and will strive by any means to satisfy your expectations of quality electrical service. We pride ourselves on our level of professionalism and our strong work ethic that has served as the foundation of the company since day one. The combination of our expertise and commitment towards customer satisfaction is what keeps us rising above and beyond our client’s expectations again and again.

It takes time and effort to maintain our high standard of service. Hours upon hours of continuing education, re-certifaction classes, attending trade shows, seminars, and webinars to keep up with emerging technology, electrical code changes, energy code changes, reviewing updated OSHA requirements and the list goes on. But this is what we do, and we do it to better service your electrical needs safely and efficiently.


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Answers from contractors near Rogue River, OR

How do I get ceiling properly inspected ....a crack continues to reopen ... Not satisfied with builders repairs
Mar 30, 2016
Hello Anthony,  Cracks can occur for a multitude of reasons. I would recommend hiring a home inspector to take a look at your situation and get his professional unbiased opinion. Thnak you!  Teresa
Can I have existing grout , covered or regrouted to make even and change color
Mar 30, 2016
Hello Linda,  Typically,  you do not want to cover existing grout. You will need to remove the old grout and apply your new colored grout. A tile contractor can help you with this project. Please let ... read more

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