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HR Quality Homes

HR Quality Homes, LLC is a family owned and operated local business. Owner, Jim Reed, was born and raised in Prescott Arizona. His wife Sarah has lived in Prescott since the age of eleven. Jim literally grew up building homes with his family. After working with several local builders in both construction and real estate we started HR Quality Homes, LLC in 2003. HR Quality Homes, LLC has constructed more than 80 homes in the tri-city area. Our team has also provided consulting & project management services for over 200 homes in the Prescott area and throughout the state. We have also provided Consulting and Project Management services for multiple senior and multi-family projects with a total value of over 50 million dollars. We pride ourselves in providing our clients the highest level of quality and service. Some of our latest projects have incorporated cutting edge energy efficiencies to bring even more long term value to our customers.

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We need to install a new ceiling fan that exhausts outside - who do we hire to do that work?
Jul 1, 2020
The addition of a ceiling fan will not actually reduce the temperature, however the increased air flow will make you feel more comfortable.
What should I do if a tree has started to lose its bark?
May 2, 2017
There could be infection spreading under the bark. Sooty Canker is one possibilty, black powdery fingus spreading under the bark. Have an arborist look at it. May be able to remove infect branches, tr ... read more

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