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Dynamic Power Innovation

Oregon has always been synonymous with a pioneering spirit – paving the way for a better way of life. This was true 150 years ago, and it is still true today. Oregon’s pledge to generate 25% of its energy from renewable resources has allowed many lucrative incentive opportunities from local utilities and the Energy Trust of Oregon as well as state and federal agencies. Our state’s leadership in energy alternatives and conservation is yet another example of Oregon breaking the trail for others to follow, and leading the way to a more sustainable future.

There is no better time to take that next step and generate your own electricity, harnessing the power of the sun. DPI Solar has a proven track record of assisting home and business owners just like you to reduce your carbon foot print while at the same time lowering your energy bills. The time is now – Power up with DPI Solar.

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Energy Trust of Oregon

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