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Creekside Homes

At Creekside Homes we are proud to have built some of the most beautiful and customized homes in Newberg, Forest Grove, McMinnville City and Sherwood City. We are also proud of the remodeling work we have done for our clients that wanted to enhance the beauty of their home. Each member of our team has many years of home building, design, construction and remodeling experience.

Our Vision. We have worked hard to earn our great reputation within the communities that we serve, and hope that you’ll visit us to meet our team for yourself! We’ll speak with you about how we can help with the work you need done, and ask you questions while offering our expert advice. No other construction company in the area offers the ethics, hard-work and reliability that we do, so we hope you choose us for your next project.

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I have a large property, while there are trees that cover my house (and roof) I was wondering if solar panels made sense? Even if they weren't directly on roof?

Adam Walters answered:

Jul 25, 2018
Hi Brian,  Yes in those cases a ground mounted solar array may be your best option. You can site the solar in a more ideal location for sun access. There is typically some added cost involved in a gro ... read more
With solar panels installed, is it true that you can eliminate the need for power from your local power company?

Jim Chapman of Legend Homes PRO answered:

Feb 18, 2014
While adding PV panels is a noble endeavor, it is unlikely to produce more than about one third of your annual electrical requirements.  Less than that, if you have air conditioning, even in a newly b ... read more

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