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Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus

we are family owned and have been in Omaha selling building materials since the lumber and coal days. Since 1996 our focus has been designing kitchens for remodels and new homes, working with home owners to select cabinets, counter tops, ect for kitchens and baths.From simple to complex designs, working with varies suppliers to cover many price point. We bring is value to the design by selecting the suppliers and way in which we design the use of the products.Our staff brings know how and talent to the designs matching products and designs to your needs.

Answers from contractors near Omaha, NE

How do I get ceiling properly inspected ....a crack continues to reopen ... Not satisfied with builders repairs

Dustan Biegler of Apple Roofing PRO answered:

Mar 23, 2016
I would look for a framer to look at this. most likely you have either some thermal movment, settling,  or  it may just need braced against small movements cauise by other forces (wind etc..).  You co ... read more
How to fix a screwed in loose door handle on a steel door
I am assuming it is a standard steel entry door handset.  If the screws are not striped, simply tighten the screws as you would on any entry or passage set.

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