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Cabinet Factory Outlet Plus

we are family owned and have been in Omaha selling building materials since the lumber and coal days. Since 1996 our focus has been designing kitchens for remodels and new homes, working with home owners to select cabinets, counter tops, ect for kitchens and baths.From simple to complex designs, working with varies suppliers to cover many price point. We bring is value to the design by selecting the suppliers and way in which we design the use of the products.Our staff brings know how and talent to the designs matching products and designs to your needs.

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The corner of my roof seems to be sagging and is causing my gutters to leak from that corner. How do I go about fixing this?
Apr 17, 2019
The most important thing would to review its structual integrity. This can be accomplished by removing some of the soffit panels and taking a peak inside. It could be a a rafter tail is comprimised or ... read more
Can I install a laminate wood flooring on top of existing laminate wood flooring?
I probably would not recomend it.  A laminate floor is a floating floor and the flex, expansion and contraction of both as well as the hollow sound you can have with a laminate may give you undesireab ... read more

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