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Advanced Energy Services

Advanced Energy Services LLC owners, Dave Glad and Mike Werner, knew when they met 15 years ago that their backgrounds would form a perfect synergy for a company dedicated to conserving our natural resources by reducing energy usage by Oregon consumers. Dave’s many years in construction and other related industries, seemed to be the perfect fit and when they threw in Mike’s 30 years as an energy conservation contractor, it was inevitable that Advanced Energy Services would be formed.

Mike has personally helped over 10,000 homeowners by installing dual pane windows, hvac solar and home weatherization resulting in lower utility bills and increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. All this by installing energy saving measures, including over 200 solar systems. The Portland based company supplies Air Sealing, Energy Efficient Windows, and PV Solar to consumers all over Oregon. Dave and Mike take great pride in knowing that the work they do helps preserve natural resources for future generations. This core belief is why Dave always says, “We will reduce the planet’s carbon footprint one home at a time.”


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Mar 30, 2016
Hello Anthony,  Cracks can occur for a multitude of reasons. I would recommend hiring a home inspector to take a look at your situation and get his professional unbiased opinion. Thnak you!  Teresa
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Debbie Dingman answered:

Nov 6, 2014
I would wait until the first frost, that very next day spray or paint leaves with Crossbow (if spraying isn't an option, as in beds with other plants or single shoots).  The sap in the stems will draw ... read more

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