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Timber Innovations LLC

Smile every time you walk into a room. From cherished family heirlooms and fine furniture to new home construction and remodeling, our expert craftsmen have a broad knowledge of woodworking skills and architectural styles. Every project uniquely designed and built to your specifications.

Answers from contractors near Kimberly, WI

What's the most common challenge you run into with landscaping projects that most homeowners don't anticipate?
The biggest issue we run into is not having enough black dirt (quality soil) on on hand. Trucking in more soil can add thousands of dollars, and it's not often evident at the start of construction or ... read more
Which trade would I call to replace bathroom and laundry room exhaust fans?
In our market (Wisconsin) we normally call the electrician for that work. The problem is that few trades are fully integrated. Often times the vent size will change and the electrician will not normal ... read more

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