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Infinity from Marvin - Columbus and Infinity from Marvin - Cleveland are your local choice for high quality Fiberglass replacement windows and doors. Infinity from Marvin windows and doors are made from Ultrex Fiberglass - a proprietary material that is 8 times stronger than vinyl! Infinity from Marvin replacement windows and doors also come with the exclusive EverWood option. EverWood is Ultrex Fiberglass that is designed to look and feel like real wood without the worry of maintenance or natural aging - it can even be stained to match your home's woodwork. Let us transform your home's appearance and improve its energy efficiency with custom-made replacement windows by Infinity from Marvin. To talk with a Replacement Project Consultant, visit our website at or call us at (440) 586-9305.

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We’re taking the following precautions for our customers:

At Infinity from Marvin, we are closely monitoring the impact that COVID-19 is having globally and in the communities we serve. As always, our commitment is to our customers and employees. Your safety and that of our team members is our top priority.

We are continuing to operate in our Ohio locations online and in-person as requested by our customers, but with added precautions as provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If a customer prefers to reschedule an in-person appointment or installation, we are also offering flexibility in timing – there is no rush and we’re available whenever you are ready.

If you have an in-home consultation or installation appointment scheduled, expect a phone call from our team. We will ask questions to be sure the appointment is safe for you and our staff.

If you have traveled by airplane within the past 14 days, the appointment will be rescheduled.
If you or anyone in the home is ill, the appointment will be rescheduled.
We are practicing “social distancing, ” meaning that we always ask you to stay at least 6 feet from our team during the visit.
Per CDC and local health authorities, we’ve taken the following steps to help minimize the spread of COVID-19:

Requiring employees to stay home if they feel sick
Limiting group meetings, in number and in attendee size
Practicing social distancing across facilities
Increasing cleaning, handwashing and sanitizing
For customers who are considering or who have recently placed an order with us, our manufacturing facilities are operating at normal capacity and we expect our lead times to remain stable.

While we navigate this situation together, know that all of us at Infinity from Marvin are committed to assisting you with any needs that may arise. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us by phone or email.

Phone: (440) 586-9305
Email address :

Stay safe and be well,

Dan Marvin
Infinity from Marvin

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Infinity from Marvin - Ohio

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