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Neuhoff Custom Builders

You’re at a stage in life where you know what you want. When it comes to remodeling, price is a big consideration—but it’s not the only one. You also want quality. You want to be heard. You want to be treated with professionalism. And you want the final outcome to be just what you envisioned.

Sound familiar? If so, you need to meet the team at Neuhoff Custom Builders. We are an award-winning custom builder specializing in large-scale, high-end remodeling and addition projects in the Raleigh area.

> Inside the beltline? We have worked on many historic and classic design homes. > Complex project? We can overcome most any challenge to bring your dream to life? > Need design ideas? Let’s brainstorm together.

Answers from contractors near Raleigh, NC

How often do I need to have my "new" home sprayed for termites? I live in Charlotte, NC. Thank you, Joe

Linda Vassilion answered:

Mar 11, 2015
As a 69-yr old homeowner, you must establish a contract with a local pest control company.  I pay $99 per year for mine but...if any termites appear...they treat it for free!   Also...when you sell yo ... read more
Last edited Mar 11, 2015 11:22am
How should we go about finding an architect to design our new home?
Aug 19, 2014
Some states do not require registered design professionals to handle new single-family construction and renovation.  If your project is relatively straight-forward or does not require extensive creati ... read more

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