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eCoast Construction, Inc.

Ecoastconstruction is best company in Los Angeles, we are a professional construction company Los Angeles and our design construction services cover all states of the US where we deploy only tested and trusted workmen to work on your projects. We design and construct residential buildings, commercial offices and shopping malls, industrial warehouses and factories, and a host of other related construction requirements to meet your residential or corporate needs and requirements.

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i just had all the windows replaced in my home, why am i getting moisture on the inside of some of the windows and puddles on the window sills?

Tom Boyle answered:

Jul 9, 2021
The window (frame) surface is cold, but the air in the apartment is humid. Humid air condenses on a cold surface (when it drops below the dewpoint temperature). So you can either make the window fram ... read more
What are the top 3 energy efficiency upgrades I can do to my 2-story home?
Aug 13, 2016
For both an existing and new construction home, the top three items that provide the greatest value and return on investment are as follows: Installation of LED light bulbs and fixtures in replacment ... read more

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