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Tree Man - Tree Service & Fire Prevention

Me Jon and my father Bill have bin doing tree service work in the Monument area since 2002. My father started doing logging in Washington state in the mid 1970's and I started doing local tree work for land clearing in the year 2000. We have come a long way from a chainsaw and a truck and have done high quality work for at least 3000 people in the past 14 years. Are new and updated equipment makes are days easier and safer with much more done by the end of the day than when we first started which in return helps pass the savings on to the customers. I am a professional tree climber with thousands of trees climbed for trimming or removal with a very high degree of skill. We take are stuff serious in one of the most dangerous industries in the world with a life time of learning through on going education, you can never know it all in this line of work.

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Gardenias with yellow leaves: Our gardenias leaves are starting to rapidly yellow. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Brent Roper of Ropa Roofing PRO answered:

Apr 25, 2017
sounds like too much water.  Pine straw has acidity in it and helps transfer the nutrients properly to acid loving plants.  Fertilizer could also be needed.  Plant nutrient deficiencies vary and somet ... read more

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