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Topremodelers are phenomenally known for their insulation skill services that many contracting firms lack. What really set us apart in this particular category is the innovative and advanced technology we use, the creative ideas and solution we provide our clients with, the nominal budget which is economically acceptable and feasible for our clients or it could be a manager-client relationship which is reliable, professional and convenient. Our residential insulation expertise comes from our incomparable, qualified and skilled workers who are one of the best architects and designers in the city.

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What is the best way to build shelving in the garage?

John Todd of Elite Remodeling PRO answered:

Oct 30, 2015
Visit your local Container Store, they have great closet and shelving systems.  We have a set in our Showroom and several of our customers have used them for laundry rooms and one is building their en ... read more
I live in a hurricane prone area. Is there a product that can make placing plywood over the windows easier?
Another option, which I have not used myself, is used a lot in Houston.  This company sells a clip that is attached to 1/2"plywood, and you can typically get them at your loca ... read more

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