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Improving Ventilation At Home

Ventilation is very important in a bathroom to ensure you don’t end up with future problems of mould, dampness etc. Allow for a fan of some sort on your plan. There are many different options available on the market today. Heating is nice to have but not essential unless you are in an area that experiences rather cold winters! Consider under floor heating before laying new tiles. Also there are lots of bathroom lights that include a heating function. Heated towel rails are generally inexpensive and are well worth installing. Choose the largest one you can afford that works with the size of your bathroom. Ensure you have adequate lighting for the functions of the bathroom i.e. applying makeup, shaving etc. Install a dimmer for mood lighting. Storage is always needed, especially in a bathroom. You might be lucky enough to be able to include a linen or storage cupboard into your design. You can visit this at districthomes.ca.

District Homes is certain to be commonly called a member in good standing of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. It has Calgary experiences nearly 300 freeze-thaw cycles per year. Just one of the basic causes of building envelope malfunctioning in Calgary homes is incorrect moisture management. Any home built here is regularly threatened by melting snow and ice aiming to work its way into the crevices of the home. Soon after moisture infiltrates the exterior of the home it is subject to freezing which could cause ice buildup beneath exterior finishes, and in the most horrible case expands causing materials to damage and become weakened. The Moisture Smart Code of Practice is an all-encompassing set of rules and regulations that, when adhered to thoroughly, will ensure your new specialized home will stand the test of time against all of the elements, even in Calgary’s typical weather. This is just one example of how poor moisture control can be a serious issue in home construction and there are many more to consider, such as leaky windows and improper yard drainage.

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Standard electrical work or sub standard?

Eric Dvorak answered:

Oct 14, 2015
You should find someone more competant, the major appliances should be on their own breaker (furnace on a 20a breaker and gas tankless on another 15 or 20a). It can be normal to spread out the circuit ... read more
black spots on the roof. can you tell me what is the cause of this? have lived in this house 12 years and have had no problems. what can you do to clean this?
Oct 10, 2014
Hello Terry, What kind of roof do you have? Is it an asphalt roof? The average lifespan of asphalt composite roofs is 10-15 years. Depending on how extreme the weather is in your area, some roofs made ... read more

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