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Pacific Electric Solar

Established in 1996.

We are a Licensed and Bonded C-10 Electrical Contractor with experience in mid-sized commercial (less than 300kW) and large custom residential PV solar systems throughout Southern California.

We handle everything in house: PV Solar Design, Electrical Panel Upgrades, Installation, Customer Service, and System Expansion. Complete systems installed in 35 days.

We have experience in pole mounted dual axis trackers, ground mounted arrays, solar carports, solar awnings, and roof mounted arrays.

Our installers are trained professionals and are managed by our Owner James Davison.

Financing Options: Cash. Check. Credit Cards. PACE Loans. The SunPower Lease. SunPower Prepaid Lease. And Credit Union Loans.

Simply Better Solar.

Answers from contractors near Ventura, CA

Are solar shingles a good option for my home?
Nov 21, 2016
Let's hear it for Elon Musk and his efforts to move the solar industry forward!  Solar shingles have lots of potential. Hopefully, Tesla and Solar City will get it right.  We used solar shingles about ... read more
Last edited Nov 21, 2016 3:01pm
What are they best types of windows to preserve heat in the winter and cool air in the summer for residential homes?
Aug 13, 2016
The answer to this question is directly related to the climate that you live in.  The major window manufacturers offer glazing that is designed for the solar heat gain and temperatures in the various ... read more

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