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Grady Property Restoration

Grady Property Restoration was started by an industry professional that wanted to provide better solutions to building emergencies like water damage, fire and smoke damage, bio-hazard emergencies such as sewage removal, mold remediation, asbestos testing and more. With water damages related to fresh water sources such as frozen pipes, pressure regulator valve failures, hot water heaters, toilet supply lines, we can use aggressive drying techniques by deploying equipment designed to dry hardwood floors, tile or marble floors and custom hardwood cabinetry without having to tear them out. We also use cutting edge handheld devices to closely monitor atmospheric conditions and moisture content of affected materials until your home or business is dry. We will upload all of the required information to your insurance company providing a smooth and quicker claim process.

Sewage backups, toilet overflows and sump pump failures are an emergency and should only be handled by professionals. Gram negative bacteria and other pathogens could potentially be present and there are industry standards to deal specifically with these types of emergencies. Once on sight we treat affected areas with a disinfectant, remove all of the standing water/sewage, document and dispose of water damaged contents, remove building materials, apply another treatment of disinfectant and install drying equipment. We offer ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing to ensure that the water damaged area(s) are safe to reoccupy.

 If you have a small amount of water damage and would like to pay out of pocket we will gladly work with you giving a great cash price!     

Answers from contractors near Cumming, GA

Can anyone recommend a drainage specialist for outdoors? Run off from surrounding properties is causing serious drainage problems that carries into our pool.

Geoff Graham of GuildQuality PRO answered:

Feb 11, 2016
A landcaping contractor might help. Depending on your location, you may be able to find someone here:
The roof and foundation of my house needs to be fixed. If I get the roof done first because it is leaking, will it be affected when the foundation is fixed?

Michael Friedlander of Dr. Roof PRO answered:

Nov 18, 2015
We suggest addressing your foundation issues first. Everything rests on your foundation. Even the slightest movement may affect everything above. Before you invest in a new roof, be sure your foundati ... read more

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