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Denise Patterson Custom Homes, LLC

Like you, we believe that your house should be much more than just where you live. It is your home. Choosing the builder who will build your home is one of the most crucial decisions in this process. We certainly value the trust you place in us. From the very beginning when you select just the right plan to completion and the day your new home is ready for you to move in we work right along side with you...during and after the construction of your home. It is our exceptional quality and attention to detail that set us apart. Let us change your vision into reality and make your home a Denise Patterson Custom Home.

  • Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association

Answers from contractors near Edmond, OK

Is adding blown in insulation a good way to eliminate ice damming and what other steps can be taken?
Jun 21, 2016
As previous answers point to adding proper insulation in the attic, it is also recommended that using a leak barrier under the roof shingles from the eave of the roof back until you reach 24 inches ab ... read more
what is the best way to keep flying insects (wasp, bees, hornets) from entering your roof eaves vents? There's screen but not small enough to keep them out.
Mar 29, 2016
Depending on the type of soffit/eave vents, it would be easiest and most cost effective to replace them with a new vent that has smaller screen material.  Most of those can be found at a local supply ... read more

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