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Toulmin Cabinetry & Design

We opened our doors with a cutting-edge approach to cabinetry in 2005. Yet, quality construction has been in our blood for a long time before that.

Toulmin Homes, a contractor specializing in satisfying the most demanding customers, sought a cabinetry maker with equally high standards for decades. Finally, we settled on the solution.

We built a new company, and centered it around the needs of customers like you, customers who value unique design and quality construction.

With an up-to-date showroom, on-staff expert designers, a process that achieves unheard-of response, and a production staff committed to the twin virtues of craftsmanship and on-time service; Toulmin Cabinetry has already set new standards in the business.

You might ask what the result of a great design is. In a short time, our creations already grace distinctive homes throughout the state of Alabama and beyond. And our reputation grows stronger with every cabinet we build.

At Toulmin, you get far more than cabinetry. You get the expertise to ensure satisfaction for decades to come. Our team of design professionals work with you to ensure the best possible use of your space, while our production crew guarantees a smooth installation.

  • Best of houzz 2013
  • Best of Houzz 2014
  • SEN Design Group

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