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BuyThisKitchen is a family owned business out of Crestview, FL specializing in custom cabinets, factory cabinets, and granite. BuyThisKitchen is an importer of granite slabs so that there are no unneeded middlemen between the customer and the quarry, allowing the customer to choose from a higher grade material at a lower price than the average fabricator.

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What is the best way to remove a very slight amount of mold on shower grout? What is the BEST sealer to use for re-sealing the cleaned grout?
Nov 3, 2014
This is a spot where cracks often develop. After cleaning with a a mildewcide, check carefully for a crack. If the grout is cracked, open the crack up a little wider with a grout saw (inexpensive at a ... read more
Best gutter guard?
Jun 4, 2014
Consumer Reports Sept 2010 rated Gutterglove Pro the best overall. It does indeed stop everything from getting into the gutter. Gutterglove recommends using an inverse mounted brush on an extension po ... read more

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