Alice S. review of Power Home Remodeling Group

  • Power Home Remodeling Group
    Review by Alice S. of Penndel, PA
    Oct 25, 2013

    I initially decided to replace ten windows that were sagging, hard to open and close and hard to lock. These windows get the afternoon sun which caused the vinal to "melt" from the heat which caused the problems. Because I was a repeat customer I was given a discount. The salesman also found other ways to cut the price. Because of his efforts I decided I could replace all the windows. The initial ten were replaced and two weeks later the rest of the windows were done. I was not able to move the furniture that was in front of the windows (too heavy) and had friends who were supposed to come and help me do that. Because of unexpected family events they were not able to help me and when the men came to replace the windows, they had to movethe furniture. I apologized for not having it done and they said they didn't mind moving things. The work was done quickly and efficiently. It was a pleasure to be able to open the windows in my bedroom to let the cooler night air in. 2 weeks later they came back to replace the rest of my windows. Unfortunately my friends were still tied up and so the men had to move furniture again. The only glitch was one window wasn' made correctly (I had a special request) but the supervisor called to get a new one made and two weeks later that window was ready and was installed.

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