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Project By Max Baxter Roofing

The work crew was very courteous. I had questions during the day that they did their best to answer. They cleaned up great; when they left, you could hardly tell that they had been there except for th ... (read more)

Janice B., Kings Mountain, NC
Apr 24, 2014

Project By Robuck Homes Inc.

We purchased our home while we were living on the west coast. Juan kept us up to date on the progress and even sent along photos of the progress. We are more than pleased with the end result.

B.A.P., Apex, NC
Apr 24, 2014

Project By Long Fence and Home

Great product with great financing options and great customer service. The job was done quickly, cleanly, and as promised. We are very happy with the experience and would recommend Long Fence and will ... (read more)

Joshua Z., Millersville, MD
Apr 24, 2014

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1 Vote
Do your homework.  You can never ask enough questions.  Take your time.  There is alot of fantastic information on the internet.  In construction, there are many ways and opinions on materials, proces ... (read more)
1 Vote
You may be asking yourself, “What can I expect my roof to look like as this agingprocess takes place?” One or more of the following conditions may occur over time:Curling: As the asphalt hardens over ... (read more)
1 Vote
Make sure when you have a new roof installed that you check for the proper licenses, insurance & accreditations.  Get recent and old references.  Ask if they are going to use Gutter apron at the e ... (read more)