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Project By Preferred Siding Inc

Professional workmanship and good to work with. I didn't negotiate on price nor did I seek other bids due to lack of time so I can't say price wise whether they were good or not, but it seemed like a ... (read more)

Apr 16, 2014

Project By Aluminum Company of North Carolina

I have used the Aluminum Company of North Carolina for four (4) major projects at my home, replacing the roof, adding gutter helmets, constructing a screened-in porch and, most recently, replacement w ... (read more)

Watt S., Raleigh, NC
Apr 16, 2014

Project By HDR Remodeling

My kitchen is so gorgeous now. Friends who knew the previous kitchen are amazed at the light space, design and grace of the new space. Everytime I walk in, I feel refreshed and creative. THAT is th ... (read more)

Carmen N., Oakland, , CA
Apr 16, 2014

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1 Vote
What experience do you have in this type of house?  Can you give me names of one or two (not three) clients for which you have done this type of work? How long does it take from start of design to sig ... (read more)
Answered by Philip Anderson of HDR Remodeling PRO Apr 15, 2014
1 Vote
We suggest Simonton Vinyl Replacement windows to all our customers. They are very energy efficient and work flawlessly. I will show a customer a lot of the times how I can open the window with ease wi ... (read more)