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Project By Mukwonago Remodeling

We had Mukwonago Remodeling completely gut and remodel our kitchen and bathroom last Fall and were very impressed with their quality of work, professionalism and communication of scheduled activities ... (read more)

Richard S., Burlington, WI
Apr 23, 2014

Project By Sideco / Windco, Inc.

The way that each person did their job and the way they treated each other and us the consumer was great. Their workmanship was shown throughout the process and reflected in the final results and sho ... (read more)

William J., Cabot, AR
Apr 22, 2014

Project By ASAP Windows and Siding

ASAP initially underbid and withdrew their bid. We agreed to pay more. The quality of the work was excellent. I believe the quality of the results depends heavily on the subcontractor, and the subcon ... (read more)

Jim S., Austin, TX
Apr 22, 2014

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1 Vote
Contact an established mold remediation company.  Mold can be dangerous to your health and you don't want to take any chances.  We run into mold frequently due to just the situation you have.  As seen ... (read more)
1 Vote
Solar Panels are increasing in energy generation and energy storage is getting better and better.  You definitely need to make sure that your dwelling is positioned on the property to maximize benefit ... (read more)
1 Vote
There are two options available for reroofing installations. One would be to tear off the old roof before applying the new one (tear off). The second would be to lay new shingles over the existing roo ... (read more)