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Contractors near Huntsville, AL

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Pratt Homebuilders

Custom home, Home for sale, New home

Trace Ventures

38 Reviews
Addition, Whole house remodel, Energy efficiency upgrades

Oak Alley Design Build Remodeling

12 Reviews
Bathroom Remodel, Design build remodel, Kitchen remodel

Lovette Construction

17 Reviews

Bath Planet of Nashville

Bathroom Remodel, Aging in place

Twin Interiors

Interior upfit

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Case Design/Remodeling of Birmingham

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Harris Doyle Homes

92 more photos


79 more photos

Banks Home Building, Inc.

4 more photos

Chattanooga Exteriors

26 more photos

Precision HomeCrafters

4 more photos

Pratt Homebuilders

21 more photos

McCoy Homes, Inc.

34 more photos

Answers from contractors near Huntsville, AL

Is there a good way to keep my mulch from washing down my hill and into my back yard every time in rains?

Sep 7, 2015

You night try Pine straw instead of wood mulch. It's less prone to washing.

I have a home built 1956 with original aluminum crank out picture window that I'd like painted to match my brown gutters.

Jul 16, 2015

I have seen it done and seen the paint last if cleaning is thorough and the proper paint is used but the first answer is true. You won't replicate a factory finish and it is nore difficult to do than ... read more

Last edited Jul 16, 2015 9:23am

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