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Puroclean ERS

PuroClean is a fire and water damage restoration company, as well as a mold and mildew removal company. We also offer biohazard cleanup services. Serving residential and commercial property owners in the United States and Canada.

Types of work

Water damage & mold remediation 227
Fire damage restoration 91
Storm damage restoration 76
Tree damage restoration 76
Historic restoration 75

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10 Consecutive Great Reviews 2017
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5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2016
Feedback Milestone
5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2015
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Of 573 customers surveyed, 120 responded
Employees Professionalism
The employees of Puroclean ERS are professional and courteous.
Quality Of Materials
I am satisfied with the quality of materials used.

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Customer feedback report

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Puroclean ERS

216 F Log Canoe Circle,
Stevensville, MD
www.puroclean.com/pers-md (410) 919-4275