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About Us

Dexter Builders is a full service construction company located in downtown Dexter, Michigan. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service - we'll take the time to educate you about the wide-range of choices available for your projects. Each project is tailored to your specific needs.

Communication is key!

We believe that frequent communication is key, and utilize current technologies to provide accurate information to our customers. We also utilize state-of-the art communication technology with our employees, so your needs can be communicated quickly to our builders and planners.

Our Team:

Our company specializes in residential and commercial remodeling. Dexter Builders projects span from installing a new front door to building an entirely new home. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, which is a key component of our business. Dexter Builders consists of three partners, Jeff Brown, Tony Push and Vince Peters, each partner has years of experience in their specialized fields, which makes for a well-rounded company. At Dexter Builders, we enjoy what we do and it shows.

Types of work

New home 565
Additions 564
Bathroom remodeling 564
Kitchen remodeling 553
Home remodeling 551
Interior painting 10
Siding 9
Electricians 7
Roofers 7
Plumbers 6
Basement remodeling 6
Window & door replacement 5
Deck building & maintenance 5
Air conditioning & heating 4
Handyman services 4
Design build remodel 4
Gutter installation 3
Exterior painting 2
Shed 1
Storm damage restoration 1
Screen porch 1
Garage 1
Water damage & mold remediation 1
Historic restoration 1
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Of 580 customers surveyed, 367 responded
Sales Knowledge
The Dexter Builders salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful regarding my project.
Dexter Builders communicated with me effectively.
Construction Quality
I am satisfied with the quality of materials and workmanship.
Clean & Safe
The job site is kept clean and safe.
I received a fair value for my money.
Product Selections
The products selected are meeting/have met my needs.
Follow Up
[SALESPERSON] followed up with me in an appropriate and timely manner.
I am likely to recommend Dexter Builders to others.
Appropriate Solutions
Dexter Builders presented appropriate solutions.
Understood Needs
Dexter Builders sought to understand my needs.
Likely To Recommend
I am likely to recommend Dexter Builders to a friend.

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Dexter Builders

8820 Jackson Road,
Dexter, MI (734) 426-3852