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Creation Services Group is your one-stop shop for all your flooring, restoration, remodeling needs and more. Our experienced team also offers painting, commercial construction build-outs, vinyl siding, door and window installations and dumpster rentals. All of our projects are done by in-house employees which includes an extra special attention to detail. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction.

Types of work

Water damage & mold remediation 44
Fire damage restoration 3

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Feedback Milestone
5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2019
Feedback Milestone
5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2018
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Of 234 customers surveyed, 52 responded
Employees Professionalism
The employees of Creation Services Group are professional and courteous.
Quality Of Materials
I am satisfied with the quality of materials used.
Process Explanation
Creation Services Group thoroughly explained the process before beginning work in my home.
Overall Quality Of Alacrity Program
Alacrity Solutions combines a national network of credentialed contractors with specialized software and services to streamline repairs, reduce unnecessary costs and improve client satisfaction. Please rate the overall quality of the Alacrity program.
Creation Services Group adhered to our agreed upon schedule.
Cooperative And Responsive
Creation Services Group was cooperative and responsive to my needs.
Quality Of Workmanship
I am satisfied with the quality of the workmanship.
Likely To Recommend
I am likely to recommend Creation Services Group to a friend.

Of 234 customers surveyed, 52 responded What does this data mean?
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Of 52 respondents, 43 left a review
37 of 43 would recommend
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Customer feedback report

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Creation Services Group

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York, PA
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