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MA Peterson

M|A|Peterson offers a unique and holistic approach to home remodeling. We personalize the process by providing you more than just a plan. By offering an integrated package of services, we handle every stage of the remodeling project from beginning to end.

With personal, "concierge-like" service every step of the way; we turn, what is often seen as, a long and stressful process into a spirited and refreshing adventure.

When completed, your redesigned home will perfectly suit you, your family and the way you want to live in your home.

Answers from contractors near Minneapolis, MN

I had an 8x10 porch built which covers my back door and kitchen windows. Does this qualify as an Energy Efficiency Improvement by IRS standards?
Mar 20, 2015
From what I've found online it does not qualify unfortuantly. "The credit applies to improvements such as adding insulation, energy efficient exterior windows and energy-efficient heating and air con ... read more
I would like to have a garage that is as inviting as my house.
Jan 25, 2015
Check our  See if they have any dealers in your town.  They manufacturer a Polyaspartic floor coating product that is the best in the industry.  It has to be applies professionally, ... read more

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