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What to watch for when selecting replacement windows. Show more

What to watch for when selecting replacement windows.

Rite Window believes if you sell a quality product for a fair price you have nothing to hide. That's why we tell you the price up-front. We're the only window company in Boston that will visit your home and let you know the price of our windows, up-front, without having you sit through a 3-hour, high pressure sales pitch. Rite Window has no artificial rebates, no high pressure sales pitch, no low price bait and switch. When we come to your house to show you our windows, our deal stays the same... A quality window for a fair price.

Types of work

Window & door replacement 2065
Roofers 33
Siding 24
Owens Corning 3

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Of 2099 customers surveyed, 1135 responded
Likely To Recommend
I am likely to recommend Rite Window to a friend.
Consultation Scheduling
I found it easy to schedule the initial in-home consultation.
Sales Knowledge
The Rite Window salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful regarding my project.
Overall Communication
Rite Window was effective in communicating with me in all phases of my project.
Installation Crew
The Rite Window installation crew was organized and professional.
Clean & Safe
The job site is kept clean and safe.
I received a fair value for my money.

Of 2099 customers surveyed, 1135 responded What does this data mean?
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Rite Window

185 New Boston St.,
Woburn, MA
www.ritewindow.com (800) 649-3600