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LeafGuard is North America's number one choice for one piece seamless gutter protection. Well informed homeowners have been choosing LeafGuard to safeguard their homes from falling leaves since 1993. LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed not to clog for as long as you own your home, or LeafGuard will come out and clean them for free. Which means saying goodbye to the dangerous, disgusting job of climbing ladders to clean out your gutters, or the expense of hiring someone else to do it. With your gutters running free and clear, you needn't worry about water damage to your home. LeafGuard gutters are custom fit, attractively designed, durable and even made in a variety of colors. LeafGuard gutters are not a temporary fix for your gutter problems; they're a lifetime solution!

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LeafGuard of Seattle was professional and organized.
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[SALESPERSON] was on time and professional.
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I am satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the installation.
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LeafGuard of Seattle adhered to our agreed upon installation schedule.
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[SALESPERSON] was knowledgeable and thorough in the meeting/estimate presentation.

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