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Jenkins Restorations - Rockville

Since 1975 Jenkins Restorations has consistently delivered excellent service to those needing disaster recovery and property restoration. Whether dealing with water damage, fire damage and smoke removal, or mold remediation our goal is always to rebuild your property, renew your confidence, and restore your life. By focusing on our clients and operating with integrity, we have developed a reputation as a leader in our industry. We provide 24/7 emergency services, accurate estimates, and expertise in both designing, building, and remodeling. Our professionals will be there to clean up and repair damage to residential or commercial property and get you back up and running as soon as possible. When the job is finished, we’ve restored more than property: we’ve restored faith.

Types of work

Water damage & mold remediation 3741
Fire damage restoration 3741
Tree damage restoration 3741
Storm damage restoration 3741
Historic restoration 10

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Of 3624 customers surveyed, 1217 responded
Mission Statement Accomplished
While completing my [TYPE OF WORK REFERENCE], Jenkins Restorations - Rockville successfully accomplished their mission statement which is "Restoring Property and Lives with a servant's heart".
Process Explanation
Jenkins Restorations - Rockville thoroughly explained the process before beginning work in my home.
Employees Professionalism
The employees of Jenkins Restorations - Rockville are professional and courteous.
Cooperative And Responsive
Jenkins Restorations - Rockville was cooperative and responsive to my needs.
Quality Of Materials
I am satisfied with the quality of materials used.
Quality Of Workmanship
I am satisfied with the quality of the workmanship.

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Jenkins Restorations - Rockville

7670 Standish Place,
Rockville, MD (301) 392-4931