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Always hold to the highest accord, the virtues of loyalty, honesty & trust. Maintain integrity in all you do. Take ownership. Respect Profitability. Take everything you do personally. Quality counts. Choose to be positive at every opportunity. Work for the team not for yourself. Put others before you. Rejoice in others achievements. Embrace innovation. Be open to change. Believe in yourself and our team. Dare to dream. Value our customers and stakeholders. Treat them like your family. Be a person of influence. Share your ideas. Raise up and support new leaders. Listen more than you speak. Let your listening fuel your actions. Fail forward. Be persistent and creative in finding solutions. Invest in your family, your community and your future. Never stop improving. Never stop learning. Have fun. Enjoy life.

Types of work

Water damage & mold remediation 823
Storm damage restoration 712
Fire damage restoration 640
Tree damage restoration 624
Historic restoration 595

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Guildmember since 2017
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5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2022
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5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2020
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20 Consecutive Great Reviews 2019
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3-Year Anniversary 2019
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10 Consecutive Great Reviews 2018
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5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2017
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5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2016
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Of 2003 customers surveyed, 762 responded
Sales Knowledge
The HRN Construction & Restoration salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful regarding my project.
Problem Resolution
HRN Construction & Restoration effectively addressed and resolved problems.
Quality Of Materials
I am satisfied with the quality of materials used.
Installation Crew
The HRN Construction & Restoration installation crew was organized and professional.
Quality Of Workmanship
I am satisfied with the quality of the workmanship.
I received a fair value for my money.
Professional & Organized
HRN Construction & Restoration was professional and organized.
HRN Construction & Restoration communicated with me effectively.

Of 2003 customers surveyed, 762 responded What does this data mean?
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Of 762 respondents, 337 left a review
302 of 333 would recommend
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Customer feedback report

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HRN Construction & Restoration

1226 Kaderly Street NW,
New Philadelphia, OH (330) 308-8070