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Water Damage in Imperial County Show more

Water Damage in Imperial County
Accepting the challenges presented by a water damage or other disaster situation can be quite taxing, but that is why Joe Parra with 911 Restoration of El Centro is overly dedicated to both professionalism and customer satisfaction too.

Are you dealing with a property damage disaster? Has your home or business flooded? Did a fire, a sewage backup, or a mold infestation take you by surprise? Are you unsure how to recover from property damage quickly?

911 Restoration of El Centro is here to take care of all of your property restoration needs right now. Our technicians are available 24/7/365 and they can respond to emergency calls in Imperial County within 45 minutes.

Once disaster restoration technicians reach your property, you can get a free visual inspection for property owners only. 911 Restoration of El Centro is IICRC-certified to handle restoration for commercial and residential properties. We are a locally owned and operated part of a nationwide company, which gives us the resources to handle any property restoration job.

You can get help recovering from flooding, fires, mold growth, sewage backups, and more by contacting the professionals at 911 Restoration of El Centro today.

Water Damage Restoration
There are many possible causes for water damage in areas around Calexico and El Centro. You might experience flooding after heavy summer rains or winter storms. Some property owners even have to deal with burst pipes after temperatures drop in the winter months.

911 Restoration of El Centro can help you recover from business or home flooding. As a full-service water damage restoration company, we can take care of:

Flood Cleanup
Water Removal
Drying and Dehumidification
All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to take care of water damage. Techs sent to your home or business will be armed with cutting-edge equipment to quickly extract water from your property. Hidden moisture can be located with the use of infrared scanners to make sure all the water damage is completely resolved.

Professional help dealing with burst pipes, flooding, and storms is only a phone call away.

Mold Removal

Mold is a common fungal growth in Imperial County. Most of the time, it thrives outside. Unfortunately, sometimes it can infest homes and businesses throughout El Centro and Calexico. You can get help right away if you suspect that you have a mold infestation in your property.

911 Restoration of El Centro offers free visual mold inspections to property owners only. We will take care of mold testing by sending a sample of the mold in your property to a 3rd party laboratory. Once the mold is identified, our technicians will develop a mold removal plan.

Mold removal should only be attempted by experts, especially if you are dealing with the removal of black mold. Black mold can be incredibly hazardous to your health if you do not have the correct protective equipment.

911 Restoration of El Centro is a mold removal company that can take on any mold infestation. Let us start working on mold remediation for your property immediately.

Sewage Backup and Cleanup

Home and business owners in Imperial County count on their sewage systems to function properly. A sewage backup can have immediate and disastrous results for your property. Fortunately, you can get same-day sewage cleanup services from 911 Restoration of El Centro.

Sewage restoration typically involves:

Removing Sewage from Your Property
Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home or Business
Restoring Any Damage Caused by the Sewage
911 Restoration of El Centro uses professional-grade disinfectants to make sure your property is completely clean after a sewage backup. We focus on handling odor removal so you will not even be able to tell that a sewage backup ever occurred.

Our technicians understand how important it is to handle sewage cleanup immediately. Do not wait to get the help you need. Let us take charge of the situation if you experienced a sewage backup in your home or business.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fires can sweep through homes and businesses in a matter of moments, leaving extensive destruction behind. It is very important that you get professional help handing fire damage restoration so your property can be returned to perfect condition.

911 Restoration of El Centro is ready to take on the challenges associated with fire damage cleanup. Our technicians can clean and restore your home or business and your possessions. We can even pack out and store undamaged items to protect them during the fire damage restoration process.

Many property owners in Imperial County around sure how to proceed after they experience a fire. You can get the guidance you need with a free insurance consultation and a free fire damage assessment. 911 Restoration of El Centro can even directly bill your insurance company for fire damage restoration services.

Getting the fire damage restoration services you need immediately after a fire can give you back your peace of mind. Let us bring your property back to better-than-new condition so you can get a Fresh Start after experiencing fire damage.

Disaster Restoration

Disaster-Response-911-restorationDisasters can strike at any time in Imperial County. Homes and businesses in our area can be subjected to damage from fires, landslides, mudslides, and other major storms. While the damage caused by property disasters can be extensive, you can get immediate help recovering.

911 Restoration of El Centro is trained and ready to handle disaster restoration for property owners in Calexico and surrounding areas. You can contact us if you need help during a disaster. We can spring into action to:

Board Up Your Property
Perform Emergency Roof Repairs
Extract Water Right Away
Pack Out and Store Your Possessions Safely
Limiting the amount of damage your property suffers during a disaster can reduce property restoration costs in the long run.

After a disaster has passed, 911 Restoration of El Centro can test and evaluate your home or business for structural damage. Technicians will detect and repair leaks, clean up damage to your property, and begin a comprehensive restoration process that will not end until your property is in perfect condition.

You can get help from highly trained disaster restoration technicians today by contacting 911 Restoration of El Centro for all your property restoration needs.

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