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PacifiCoastal Design

PacifiCoastal Design is a licensed general contractor and custom builder. We offer not only quality workmanship but also creative and innovative design. Remodels inside and outside, Additions, 2nd Story, Outdoor living and all the finishing touches.

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With solar panels installed, is it true that you can eliminate the need for power from your local power company?

Robert Shaw of Solare Energy PRO answered:

Jan 20, 2015
John, There are options available to go solar and be completely independent of you local utility provider. However, this type of set-up (solar+storage) is much more costly than the traditional "grid-t ... read more
What are the most cost effective things I can do to improve my home's energy efficiency?

Robert Shaw of Solare Energy PRO answered:

Apr 28, 2014
With current financing options that are available, the best return-on-investment is to go solar!  It may seem expensive to install a solar panel system, but with current financing options such as $0/d ... read more
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