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Davies Contracting

John Davies, owner of Davies Contracting & Inspections in Morehead City, NC, learned his trade by working in the construction industry. While on the job, he saw firsthand how new home construction and remodeling projects were developed. With an "insider" view of industry standards in construction, repair, and remodeling work for all your home construction needs. More importantly, he saw how corners could be cut, and determined that his work would always reflect the highest standards of quality in materials and workmanship. In short, John saw a need for better and higher-quality new home contracting services in the Crystal Coast region.

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More about Davies Contracting

As a GuildQuality Guildmember, Davies Contracting relies on our customer surveying to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We have surveyed customers on behalf of Davies Contracting in Emerald Isle, NC.

In this report, Davies Contracting has published a summary of the customer feedback they've received since they joined GuildQuality in February 2016. In that time, 0 out of 1 customers (0%) responded to a GuildQuality satisfaction survey.

Davies Contracting surveys all of their customers shortly after the completion of work, and their feedback appears in the summary on this page.

If you are a Davies Contracting customer, and if Davies Contracting completed work for you after February of 2016 but you haven't yet received a survey, please let us know.

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