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Menold Construction, Inc.

Celebrating 35+ Years of Service to Central Illinois More

GuildQuality Member
Since 2005
GuildQuality Master Award Winner
Guildmaster Award Winner
Feedback Milestone
10 Consecutive Great Reviews
2016 - See more

Water damage restoration (1211)

Fire damage restoration (1205)

Storm damage restoration (1193)

Tree damage restoration (1193)


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What is this?

What is this?

We display two types of written homeowner feedback on GuildQuality member profile pages: Comments and Reviews.


In response to our customer satisfaction surveys, homeowners share lots of comments about construction quality, communication, or any other question asked in the survey. Guildmembers can selectively publish these comments here on their profile page.


Reviews are different than comments. These are star ratings that homeowners ask us to publish, and they come with a written description of the type of experience they had working with their contractor. We publish all of the reviews we receive: positive and negative alike.

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Other Affilations

  • GuildQuality
  • Home Builders Association of Greater Peoria
  • Independent Mitigation and Cleaning/Conservation
  • Lindal Cedar Sunrooms
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

More about Menold Construction, Inc.

As a GuildQuality Guildmember, Menold Construction, Inc. relies on our customer surveying to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We have surveyed customers on behalf of Menold Construction, Inc. in Peoria, IL; Bloomington, IL; Morton, IL; Normal, IL; Washington, IL; Pekin, IL; Dunlap, IL; East Peoria, IL; Bartonville, IL; Metamora, IL; and 59 other cities in Illinois.

In this report, Menold Construction, Inc. has published a summary of the customer feedback they've received in the past 12 months. In that time, 255 out of 503 customers (51%) responded to a GuildQuality satisfaction survey, with the most recent response in July 2016.

Menold Construction, Inc. surveys all of their customers with the following exceptions:

  • We only survey for repair work and don't survey repeat customers.

Customers receive a brief survey shortly after the completion of work, and their feedback appears in the summary on this page.

If you are a Menold Construction, Inc. customer, if your project doesn't match the above exceptions, and if Menold Construction, Inc. completed work for you after July of 2015 but you haven't yet received a survey, please let us know.

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Add your feedback

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